The Study of Pre and Post- Barriers on ICT Adoption in Karaj Tour Operators

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Now a days, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has penetrated into all daily activities of enterprises and has impact on their progress and improvement. Thus, current study aims to analyze barriers of adopting ICT in small and medium tourism enterprise by concentrating on travel agencies in Karaj. As an applied research, this study employed descriptive field methods. Statistical population includes 90 tour agencies in Karaj. To better access to Statistical population it should select a proper sample. By using Morgan and Krejcie Table, 73 agencies are selected who accomplished provided questioners. These tour agencies were selected through random sampling. For data analysis, it was used spss software. Analytical results of the study demonstrates that environmental, technological and organizational factors, price war among competitors, user unfriendly websites, lack of time to improve e-commerce activity, lack of extensive marketing efforts and pre-adaptation and post-adaptation factors have meaning full impact on adopting ICT by tour agencies.


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